Our first post!


Welcome to the Little Lake Learning community blog! We think it’d be great to track what’s going on and to create a place to tell our story. Here are the basics: We are an unschooling cooperative (we’ll talk more about what that means very soon!) that serves ages 5-18 and is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We’ve been open since 2010 and are operated collaboratively by students, parents, staff, and volunteers. Check out our “About” page to learn a little more about our philosophy.


Every morning at Little Lake we gather for a quick and fun meeting where everyone lays out some intentions for the day. This can range from the practical (like “stay hydrated”) to the absurd (“escape prison” or “be the guardian of the stairwell” or “don’t die”- all actual intentions that have landed on that board in recent weeks…). It’s helpful, even in its goofiest manifestations, to just bring some consciousness around what it is that we’re doing and why we are doing it. In that spirit, here are the intentions for this blog:


–We’d like to be a resource. We benefit from the sharing of others, especially as a small and alternative learning community. It’s been helpful to find mentors and inspiration outside of our immediate network, and so it makes sense to us to include that service in our own outreach, as well as pass on the resources that we’ve found helpful to us.

–We’d like to be open about our learning process. We realized that the larger community has questions about what it is that we do and how it all works, and we’d like to answer them! Not long ago we put out some feelers into the community-at-large and asked what they wanted to know about us. The response was overwhelming! Questions poured in, and we saw an opportunity to really address this stuff–not only for the community’s benefit, but also for our own. As much as we’ve all worked on perfecting our elevator speech, it’s just not that simple. We need a space to tease all of it out–both in terms of sharing what we already know about ourselves and our philosophy, but also because we care about transparency and honesty in our process. We want to share what we are still working on and how we are growing and learning together.

–We have fun things to share! The day-to-day happenings at Little Lake are really interesting and worthy of sharing. These kids are learning constantly, often in ways that are just plain entertaining to all who observe them! We thought that this space could be an outlet for some of their fantastic creative energy, as well a fun way to tell some stories that convey the various ways that really substantial learning happens in this environment.





Check for our posts in the coming weeks! Feel free to comment, message, or even submit ideas for what we should offer in this space. If you are interested in supporting us on a regular basis, check out our Patreon page– we would be so grateful!