ALC Tools

Little Lake uses tools developed by other Agile Learning Centers to facilitate our day-to-day operations. These visual tools allow us to make the implicit, explicit and help us keep track of group decisions, offered activities, and even the social rules of a meeting. Every ALC uses these tools differently, adapting them to the needs and culture of their community.  At  Little Lake, these tools appear as white boards that we use at various meetings we gather for during the week:

1. Game Shifting

2. Kanbans

3. Community Mastery Board

4. Set the Week Board

We use this board every Morning to set our week.  At the Set the Week meeting, we use sticky notes to add offerings to the board  to let everyone know about different available activities for the week. Offerings can be anything from a class, a project, a field trip, or a game.  In the “ask me” column,  people can also add offerings that don’t happen at a specific time. Some things on the board stay static like our morning Spawn where we get together to set intentions for the day, and our Respawn at the end of the day where we come back together to check back in with our intentions and reflect. At the end of the week,  we have a  Change Up meeting, using our Community Mastery Board to check in about school culture and what is working, or isn’t for everyone.