Our Staff

Alex Husted (Momo),  Agile Learning Facilitator & Director

Momo has been working with Little Lake since 2011,  but has been dedicated to alternatives to compulsory schooling ever since she left public school for a self-directed, Democratic Free School in her sophomore year of high school. She currently works as  Little Lake’s sole paid staff member and administrator.  She firmly believes that to help raise thoughtful, compassionate, and critically thinking people, we should treat them like people, and that learning happens most powerfully when people have the agency to pursue what makes them curious. She is an artist, tinkerer, community organizer, urban homesteader, writer, lover of old things, and nerd for local radical history. Momo resides in Ypsilanti with two housemates and her cantankerous cat.

Stefanie Weyand, Agile Learning Facilitator      

Once upon a time, around the year 2000, it dawned on Stefanie Weyand that she loved learning but she hated school. She wondered if there was something better out there. Then, due to outstanding circumstances, she found herself on a much needed break from the confines of her local high school. A friend of a friend (who knew of Stef’s plight) recommended a school “of sorts” that was “made for her.” This is the moment she would discover democratic education.  This would lead her to a lifelong pursuit of trying to understand: What Is The Best Way For Children (and all humans really) To Learn. The birth of her son in 2007 highlighted even further the importance of this task. With the popularization of The Internet, Stefanie became connected to others on her path to Self-Directed Education. In 2015 Stef visited the Agile Learning Center in New York City for the first time and just knew. It was love at first sight. She knew her purpose was to become an Agile Learning Facilitator and to share this new knowledge with everyone she met: This is the best way for humans to learn in a community. In the summer of 2018 Momo and Stef adventured to East Harlem to attend the ALF Summer Training. Stef volunteers as much as she can and loves learning and playing with this ALC community.

Alex, Volunteer and esteemed ex-headmaster

Alex has been with the Little Lake Learning Community since it’s first year. Starting out a math tutor, he later became a full-time advisor, and finally a director. Last year he left us to pursue a career in accounting, but is still involved in the community. With the students, Alex loves to explore math, play Dungeons & Dragons, talk budget proposals, discuss politics and critical thinking, and play just about any game. Outside of school, Alex really enjoys cooking, his cats, his fiancee, and more math. He remains passionate about the work being done at Little Lake and loves the community very much.

Antoinette, Volunteer and Librarian

It was a library flier that first led Antoinette Moncrieff to Little Lake.  She came, she liked what she saw, she left for a few years, and, after a miserable time in a rigorous college midwifery program, she came back as a volunteer, determined that (a) there must be a better way to learn and (b) she would be a catalyst for making this happen in the lives of others.  This is her third school year at Little Lake. Antoinette is passionate about books, plants, dancing, writing, poetry, feminism, babies, social justice, cats, literacy, family, radical homemaking and helping empower others to reach their potential. At school she is constantly working to connect others with resources, playing games with students and delighting in their discoveries.  Antoinette lives a short few blocks away from the school with her fiance, Alex, and their three demons – er, cats.


C. Milton Dixon, Volunteer

C. Milton Dixon is an permaculturist, forager, educator, and and all around computer savvy guy. He builds connections between people and the places in which they live. https://permacultureproductions.com


Amory, Volunteer

Amory is the steward of a biodiverse container garden, the father of one cat, and a student with way too much homework. Fortunately, he still finds time to do cool stuff in his community––like hang out at Little Lake!


Olivia, dog

Olivia the dog is a Boxer who’s spent the first 9 years of her life in constant explorer mode. She loves playing with rope toys and collecting un-stuffed animals. She’s all about running at riverside park, licking faces, taking naps, and playing hide and seek with Vera (and whoever else wants to play!) at Little Lake. She’s a big stinker and volunteers with her guardian on most Thursdays.

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