My two children are in their fourth year at Little Lake. I love that they feel nurtured and respected as individuals. They are allowed to run with their strengths and interests, and are supported to work through their challenges. The school is a community. The relationships are personal. Everyone learns from everyone else and the educational and emotional value of play is respected. My kids love going to school, they love learning, and I love that.”

-Kerry, Parent


When our daughter was ready for school we were nervous to send her somewhere where her entire day would be scheduled and dictated to her. We are so happy to have found Little Lake Learning Community because it allows our daughter to express herself and learn at her own pace. It is important to us that she never feels that her differences and choices are bad in any way and her self esteem has never been higher.”

-Jeff, Parent


Little Lake Learning Community uses play and work in unison(even though they are not opposites as commonly believed), creating the perfect way for me to learn, play, and get to know lots of cool people.

I have been at LLLC for 4-5 years now, and I have never felt like I want to quit for ANY reason whatsoever.

Sometimes we have Game Days, where we all bring in board games and play(most)of them, and we have a totally AWESOME time(and it just happens to be one the day I’m writing this!)

Field trips are also common practice, we go to places like the Natural History Museum, Mill Pond Park, and we even went to the DIA!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will like this school as much as I do.

Real Thanks to all the awesome peeps at LLLC”

-Oliver, Age 11


I remember being a kid in school and asking the teacher, ‘Why do we have to learn this?’ I’m sure many adults can remember spending countless hours learning stuff in public or traditional school that they have questioned the value of and even now I can say most of the curriculum I learned in school, I didn’t use. So many years studying facts and memorizing them for tests, only to forget immediately. So
many years forced to learn what others told me to and not what I wanted.

Fast forward many years and luckily my kids don’t have to ask “Why do we have to learn this?” They don’t have to ask that because as students at Little Lake they get to follow their own interests and learn what they choose. Most adults don’t think kids can be successful if left to choose for themselves. At Little Lake, my kids get to choose and they are bright, can adequately (and often profoundly) express themselves, are confident, motivated and interested in their own learning and the community. This is success to me. They can also read, write, do math and have a great grasp on many social and political issues. They have explored history, social studies, Japanese, French, fort building, anime, book writing,
painting, sketching, playwriting and much more. If I could go back in time, this would be the type of educational experience I would have liked. I had to wait until I graduated from high school to choose my own learning destiny.


Being at Little Lake, my kids are choosing their own learning destiny right from the get-go and they are blossoming, growing and yes….learning. AND, they are happy.


-Pam, Parent

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