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Enrollment Process








Because of the horizontal organization of Little Lake, and because we want to make sure that prospective students and families both understand and are on-board with the our educational philosophy, our enrollment process is slightly more involved than applying to the typical program.




Step 1: Schedule a tour- Applying families can first set up a tour by emailing us at littlelakefs@gmail.com  We will show you around the space, introduce you to students and staff,  answer any questions you have, and give you a chance to observe what a typical day at Little Lake is like. After the tour, if the family wishes to move forward with the enrollment process,  we will provide the family with a visitor waiver and sliding scale paperwork (if necessary) to fill out and bring back when they return for a trial week.



Step 2: Trial week- If after the tour, a family is still interested in continuing with the enrollment, we will invite the prospective student to come into the space for several days to make sure it’s a good fit for them.

Step 3: Community Comment-  If the prospective student and their family feel it is a good fit, the staff will let the students know about the family’s intention to enroll, and will make themselves available to community members  to hear (if any) their comments, concerns, and excitements about the enrollee. (This is less intimidating than it sounds. Comments come to advisors individually and privately, it is not an open forum. However, It’s important to our community that everyone can be involved in the enrollment process to the extent that they want to be, and are given the space to voice any blocking concerns.)


Step 4: Interview and Paperwork!- Providing that there are no major concerns brought up in the community comments, the family will be invited in again for a student interview. The interview is just to give advisors an idea of the student’s interests and goals so we can get an idea of how to we can support them. At this point, we’ll ask the family about their intentions to enroll. Depending on current spaces available, and when the family intend to enroll, the finalizing the enrollment process can look a few ways:




  • If there are currently spaces open, and the family wishes to enroll immediatelyWe will ask the family to fill out our enrollment paperwork as well as ask for their Enrollment Deposit.




  • If the family wishes to reserve an upcoming open spot- We will ask the family to fill out our enrollment paperwork as well as ask for their Enrollment Deposit. Their spot will be held. Open spot notifications will be sent out for on May 1st and November 1st for the following semester.




  • If there are not current spots available, and no predictable upcoming opening- We will ask the family to fill out our enrollment paperwork and ask for a non-refundable $50 application fee. The Family will be added to the Waitlist and contacted as soon as we have updates on enrollment openings. (Upon enrollment, application fee will be applied toward the $300 Enrollment Deposit)






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