Bean Boi

One wintery morning, the Little Lake Learning Community received a wonderful surprise.  It was massive, black, squishy and somehow wedged in the backseat of volunteer Stef Weyand’s 5-seater car.  What was it? A huge, gloriously-comfy bean-bag chair which the students quickly named “Bean Boi.”

A valiant effort: Eli and Asa struggle to keep “Bean Boi” from sucking them in!

“Bean Boi” was a lucky find, discovered on the site “Nextdoor” for a bargain $20.  It has quickly become an integral part of the Little Lake school culture. “Bean Boi” has inspired many creative games and the creation of safe, school-wide bean bag use practices by the students.  It has been the locus of leisurely exposure to literature as well as a welcome oasis for the tired student who needs to “recharge” before another learning adventure!

Asa enjoys a tiny cat nap, compliments of “Bean Boi”

Some of the many varied activities that Bean Boi has been involved with include the making of “slow-mo” videos of the students taking turns running and belly-flopping onto its welcoming surface.  Bean Boi has been a sturdy boat for intrepid sailors willing to take on the rough Off-Center seas. It has served as the site of a luxurious, student-initiated “spa” where weary “patrons” can receive a relaxing massage.  Bean Boi also has been a wonderful object for the more kinesthetic learner who needs something safe to climb on and physically engage with.

It’s soooo comfy… Gabriel succumbs to the squish

We are grateful for Bean Boi and all the wonderful opportunities it has brought to our school!

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