Enrollment Process


Little Lake is currently enrolling learners ages 7-18 with a limited, case-by-case capacity to enroll Kindergarten age children as well

Step 1: Research!

Little Lake isn’t an ordinary school! In fact, it’s not a school, it’s a homeschooling/unschooling cooperative. Explore our About, FAQs page and Resources pages. Get acquainted with the ideas and research behind unschooling and self-directed education.

Step 2: Come in for a tour!

Email us at littlelakefs@gmail.com to schedule a tour of the space. This is an opportunity to meet staff, parents, and volunteers,  get a sense of the space, and get additional questions you may have answered.

Step 3: Fill out the Online Application

After attending a tour, families can fill out our online application here, to be processed and accepted by our staff


Step 4: Visiting Week(s)

Once an application is approved, we will schedule a visiting week for the applicant to come in. The visiting week allows the student to experience what it is like to be an Little Lake student and allows everyone to determine if Little Lake is a good fit.

Step 5: Final Enrollment

After the visiting week, enrollment will either be offered or it will be communicated that Little Lake cannot serve the applicant at this time.

When Enrollment is offered the family will be provided with enrollment paperwork. Upon enrollment an Enrollment Deposit of $300 is due. This amount can initially be reduced to an amount proportionate to your family’s monthly tuition payment (i.e. if you are paying 75% of total tuition your initial deposit would be 75% of $300 or $225). A small amount will then be added to your family’s monthly tuition payments until a total of $300 has been met.


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