Happy Birthday, Funky Crunk!

Little Lake Learning Community has created their largest die ever!  After several weeks of searching for the right device, students Adam and Asa were able to successfully connect the 3D printer to volunteer Stef Weyand’s computer and print creations anew!  The 3D printer was generously donated to the school by Adam in early September from his saved-up birthday money. In the beginning of the school year, the students had been eagerly using the printer to create Lucky Cats, but ran into challenge when a connectable computer device became no longer available.  Since their happy discovery, a number of 3D objects have been created, including dice of various sizes and a mini castle!

The 3D printer up close!

“Giant Die,” one of the nicknames of Little Lake’s “largest die ever,” took fifty-five minutes to print from start to finish.  According to Adam, this is only half of the time it takes to print a Lucky Cat! He and Asa used an emailed file G-code to engineer their creation, choosing the material, size and other attributes electronically.  The 3D printer then used a spool of a special plastic filament to make their creation a physical reality!

Adam guides the sealing process

As “Giant Die” neared completion, the vast cubical hollow necessitated a critical decision to be made: what to put inside?  The students finally decided on a pair of Lego pants and a smaller die to be sealed inside “forever!” When “Giant Die” had finished printing, Asa decorated it with the required dots to make it a functional die!

Adam looks on as Asa turns “Giant Die” into a die

“Giant Die’s” creation was followed by the manufacture of another, smaller die: a tiny, single-centimeter cube whimsically christened “Funky Crunk 2.”  Adam experimented with the printing speed, cranking it up to double-time! Between the compact size and doubled speed, the sequel die took under ten minutes to print.  “It looks like a web in there!” Adam exclaimed, watching the printer at work.

Asa and Adam watch their creation materialize

How did “Funky Crunk 2” get its name?  As Adam explained, the name was originally generated by the computer program at random for another cube creation.  It stuck! “Funky Crunk 2” became the sequel!

When “Funky Crunk 2” had finished printing,  Adam joyfully cradled it in his palm. “Ooohh!  Funky Crunk, welcome to the world!”

He and Asa immediately began to sing “Happy Birthday” to Funky Crunk, inspiring the surrounding staff, volunteers and students to join in!

Happy Birthday, Funky Crunk!

Inspecting Funky Crunk 2 up close
A custom-decorated Lucky Cat, an earlier 3D printing success!

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