Oregon Trail – Era Wagon Replicas

Inspired by the card game “The Oregon Trail,” our students decided to make their own model covered wagons!  Volunteer Alba Isabel Lamar collaborated with students Vera and Tuula to engineer the historical wagon replicas, using a variety of common household objects and quite a bit of hot glue!  Vera and Tuula are experienced, talented miniaturists and have wowed Little Lake Learning Community with their innovative creations many times before!

The game that started it all

The three used such materials as cardboard box sections, toilet paper tubes, and medicine boxes to construct the bodies of their wagons.  Vera chose to make her own tiny wagon, while Tuula focused on creating a larger, Barbie-sized wagon. Alba Isabel assisted in creating functioning spokes and wheels with feminine product tubes, hot glue, cardboard and bamboo skewers.  An old T-shirt served as material for the wagon covers, while pipe cleaners, bamboo skewers and more hot glue created the rib-like framework supporting the wagon cover.

Tuula cuts the cardboard for her wagon bed
Using the hot glue gun to attach the wagon to its frame
The nearly-completed wagon cover
They really roll!

We are grateful to Alba Isabel for donating her time and creative energies to Little Lake!  Although Alba Isabel has not had the opportunity to student teach in a classroom of her own this semester, she has been able to channel her enthusiasm and passion toward the Little Lake Community, bringing brownies and craft supplies as well as playing games with the students.  Alba Isabel is currently pursuing her doctorate in Education at Michigan State University, building upon land-based pedagogies to create a framework for an alternative school of her own which emphasizes the revitalization of indigenous sovereignty fighting for decolonization and liberation in all aspects of a learning day.

Tuula’s wagon is complete!
Vera’s tiny finished wagon!
The two wagons pose with the card game




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