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If you’re interested in finding our more about Democratic Education and Free Schools, check out the following list of resources. This list offers a good jump-off point, however, there are lots of ways to talk and think about democratic education and if you’re interested in more resources or want to talk with us more directly about our thoughts, feel free to contact us!



What is Democratic Education?

Democratic Education

How DO They Learn?

What is Self Directed Education?

How Children Learn



How to Grow a School by Chris Mercogliano

Making It Up As We Go Along by Chris Mercogliano

Summerhill – A Radical Approach to Childrearing by A.S Neill

Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich

Field Day by Matt Hern

The Happy Child by Steven Harrison

The Self-Organizing Revolution by Ron Miller

Education for Critical Consciousness by Paulo Freire

Dumbing Us Down by John Gatto

Free at Last: The Sudbury Valley School by Daniel Greenberg

How Children Learn and How Children Fail by John Holt

The Teenage Liberation Handbook  by Grace Lllewellyn

The Modern School Movement by Paul Avrich


I want to do this all day (Audio Documentary)
Free to Learn (film)

What is Self Directed Education? (Video)

Democratizing Education (Video)

Democratic School Education (Video)

Trusting Children to Learn (Video)





The Alliance for Self-Directed Education- https://www.self-directed.org/

Alternatives to School- http://alternativestoschool.com/

Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO)- http://www.educationrevolution.org/

Sudbury Valley School Blog- http://blog.sudburyvalley.org/

Summerhill School- http://www.summerhillschool.co.uk/

Rethinking Schools- http://www.rethinkingschools.org/archive/19_04/demo194.shtml




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