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Become a Sustainer!!!!


In order to offer an economically accessible alternative to school, we rely on donations from our wider community. Please consider becoming a “Sustainer” of Little Lake by signing up for a monthly donation of $5-$50, by selecting your monthly contribution, and clicking “Subscribe” Donations are tax deductible, and will  subsidize our sliding-scale tuition program. Alternatively, you can make a one time donation by clicking the “Donate” button below:

Tax deductible ID EIN#271683530

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Donate to our Little Lake Community Wish List!

At Little Lake, we’re pretty good at being awesome, but sometimes being this awesome on our budget can be difficult.


The following is a wish list, compiled by the students, of suggested donations for supporters of our community. It is categorized into four levels of wish-granting difficulty: Easy, Medium , Hard and Super Go-Time Challenge mode. If you can help us obtain any of these things, let us know at Littlelakefs@gmail.com or call Momo at 734-972-9459 and we can coordinate the drop off or pick up of any donations!




Easy Mode Wishes:

• Matches and/or a Lighter
• Scotch Tape
• Duct Tape
• Packing Tape (of the upmost quality)
• Mechanical Pencils (.5 lead preferred)
• Snack Foods (that accommodate vegans)
• Firewood


Medium Mode Wishes:

• New Chairs
• New Tables
• Guitar and Violin Strings
• A guitar
• Action Figures
•    A mediocre video camera


Hard Mode Wishes:

• A Computer (desktop or otherwise) that can has the processing power for graphic design, video editing and music composition

•    A nice video camera


Super Go-Time Challenge Mode:

• “One Entire Dragon”
• “Large thing like a bus or something. With free insurance” (Catbus?)
• Our own building/space